Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Android - moving from 16gb to 32gb card

I was a bit wary of upgrading my microsdhc card, given that so many of my applications are installed on the card (via Titanium Backup). I'm also using simple2ext to redirect the dalvik-cache and download folders to the sd-ext card.  However, it really was as simple as formatting the new card and then copying over the old files. Hope this helps others - remember to back up everything beforehand just in case.

1. I only had one card reader so I copied the contents of the old card to a folder on my laptop. Again I could have used the command line for this but I wanted to visually check what I was copying so used Nautilus. I had to use root permissions (gksudo nautilus) to copy sd-ext. Remember in both cases to show hidden files before copying.

2. Using GParted (I find formatting a bit scary so used a GUI) I formatted the new card as follows:

512mb ext3 partition called sd-ext
remainder as fat32 called sdcard

3. Copy the files to the new card.

4. Insert new card and power up phone - perfect first time!

HTC Desire using CyanogenMod 7.0.3-Desire.

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